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COOL - One Town, Three legends




Mosta is a large town in the northern part of Malta. The town centres around the main church. This is the impressive Rotunda, also known as the Mosta Dome.

Mosta is a very old town. There are some interesting places like the Victoria Lines, catacombs, many small chapels and the Parish church also known as 'The Rotunda'. One of these places are linked to old legends.

Click the green button marked wordart and find the three localities in Mosta that are each linked to a legend



In this unit you will:

1. Read about three legends that are related to the town of Mosta.

2. Learn vocabulary from these legends.

3. Practise using the Past Simple.

4. Practise asking and answering questions in the Past Tense.


1. Find the three sites of the legends from the WordArt in the green button below.

2. Click on the other buttons to read about the legends.

3. In Legend 1 learn about the Maltese country folk and the corsairs. Language practise- regular past simple forms.

4. In Legend 2 learn about the Maltese local government in the 14th century. The language practise is the irregular past simple forms

5. In Legend 3 read about miraculous happenings. The language practise is questions in the past simple form.

6. Take part in the activities related to the different legends.







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