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COOL - Places Around Malta










  • Malta is a very small island, but there are many differences between  towns and villages; between north and south, east and west.   
  • There are modern, cosmopolitan cities and quiet, traditional villages.
  • There are walled cities and baroque towns.
  • There are busy ports and touristic towns.
  • In Malta you can find a bit of everything - history, traditions, peace and quiet, nightlife. 





In this unit you will:

1. learn some vocabulary related to things you can see in a town or village;

2. practise using the stucture 'there is/there are'

3. watch slides and videos about different towns and villages around Malta;

4. read texts about different towns and villages.







1. Watch the slideshow in the green buttons. Use the 'Yes' / 'No' cards to show if you think the picture is or isn't taken in Malta.

2. In pairs follow the link in the green button and review words and phrases related to things we see everyday in the streets of our towns and villages.

3. Read a description of a street in Sliema here and fill in the text with the words from the previous activity.

4. Click the green button which says reading texts. Read the text that matches your card. Take notes and answer the questions provided by the teacher. Then report to the class what you learnt about the different places in Malta.

5. When you visit Malta you often visit the touristic places. What is it like to visit the core of a typical village? In groups make a list of the things you would expect to see in a typical Maltese village core.

6. Watch the video 'Walking Through Mqabba', from the green buttons. Cross out the things you see that are in your list.

7. Go to learning apps and decide which of the pictures are from Mqabba and which are not.

8. Watch the video again from the green button 'Walking through Mqabba 2' and answer the questions with the video and fill in the task sheet given to you by the teacher.



Teacher's Notes



1. In this unit the trainees will watch a slideshow and video about what to see and do in some towns and villages in Malta

2. The trainees will have the opportunity to read some information about a few towns and villages in Malta and Gozo.

2. The trainees will review some street vocabulary. 

3. They will practise using the structure 'there is /there are'.

4. They will compare places from their countries to places in Malta




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