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This is a Clilstore unit. You can link all words to dictionaries.

COOL - Mysteries Of The Hypogeum


Task 1

Decide what the words in the wordle below mean. Then, click on each of the words and find out if you were right.     

       candle cave temple rope  giant            island    structure  maze guide ground                               explore schoolchildren teacher 



Task 2

Malta is full of history and stories that will leave you mesmerised, but not everything is true.

Look at the puzzle below and decide what is True and what is False.

Make the right choices and uncover where our story will take us today.

Task 3

In 1920 a group of 30 schoolchildren visited the maze of underground tunnels at the Hypogeum. However, they never returned.

What do you think happened? Use the words in Task 1 to help you.

Click on the green button entitled Worksheet. Click on file, make a copy and list your thoughts. Then, watch the video below to find out if you were right.



Task 4

Now watch the video below to check your understanding. As you watch, a number of questions will appear. Answer as you go along.



Task 5

The Hypogeum is still a mystery today. Click on the Explore button to find out more about this unique place. Then complete the text in this section. Clicking on each of the blank spaces will give you several options to choose from.


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