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COOL - What's in a country?




Task 1

1)  Malta is a tiny island measuring 27km across, yet it is a very colourful island with a lot to offer. Look at the map to your          left and list 10 things tourists can do on this island.   

2)  Check if you were right by clicking on the Interactive Map from the green button entitled 'Interactive Map' below.

3)  Now that you know a little more about Malta, can you add any other things to the list of things that people can see or do     on this beautiful and unique island?      

Task 2

1)  Go to 'Activity 1' from the buttons below and decide what the connection is between the things listed and Malta.

2)  Now access the reading section by clicking the green button entitled 'Reading' to find out if you were right.

Task 3

1)  What makes your own country unique?

2)  Go to 'Activity 2' Click on 'File' and again click on 'Make a Copy'. Now complete the diagram with details related to your own country. Make sure you are logged in to your google account first.






Clilstore Interactive MapActivity 1ReadingActivity 2

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