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COOL - Malta

The Malta Connection

Josianne Pisani


With a population of just under half a million, Malta is a small archipelago consisting only of seven little islands. Yet, it has so much to offer.

It was first inhabited around 5900BC. Since then, many rulers have come and gone such as:



As you can imagine, each ruling nation left an influence on these islands. For example, we have the Knights to thank for Valletta (the Capital City) and also for hosting Michelangelo Caravaggio ( a famous Italian artist), and The Arabs to thank for Mdina ( the old capital city).

For many years, Malta was a colony of Britain. It gained its Independence in 1964. Establishing a unique identity was not easy, but neither was it impossible. Today, Malta is the smallest EU Nation with a thriving economy. It attracts many tourists from all over the world. If you happen to be in Malta make sure you try their:

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