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COOL - Geographical Features of Malta





In this unit you will:

1. learn vocabulary related to the  main geographical features;

2. practise using the articles 'a/an', 'the' and no article in English;

3. read short texts about the main geographical features of Malta.





1. View the slide show about the geographical features of Malta and do the tasks on learning apps

2. Practise using the articles 'a/an', 'the' or no article

3. In groups read short articles about the different geographical features and where they can be found on the island.

4. Fill in the chart with information from the map. 




Class tasks:

1. View the slide show from the green buttons below and take note of the definitions;

2. Then go to the second green buttons, Matching Pictures to Text, and test yourself to see how many geographical features you remember.

3. Click here to test how much you know about the articles 'a/an', 'the', or no article, then work out the task sheet from the green buttons marked 'Definite and Indefinite Articles' (or from thee handout provided by the teacher).

Group tasks:

1. In groups read the information about the different geographical features from the map ( group 1 - caves and harbours; group 2 - cliffs and valleys; group 3 - garigue and sandy beaches).

2. Move the cursor over the map. Click on the coloured icons on the left and read the information about the geographical features of Malta. Then click on the same icon on the map and read more information about the places on the island where you can see these features. 

3. Access the graphic organiser from the green button below (or use the one given to you by the teacher), and fill it in with the information about the geographical features you looked up on the map. (to work on the graphic organiser online, make a copy through 'File').

4. Share your information with your colleagues from the other groups, in order to fill in the rest of the graphic organiser.

5. In groups of 3/4 plan a 7-day holiday together, in Malta. Choose four of the places mentioned in the map that you all agree to visit. Say why you would like to visit them and what you would do there.

6. Class feedback.



Teacher's notes




This unit is intended for A1+ students.

In this unit the students learn some vocabulary related to natural geographic regions.

They practise using the Definite and Indefinite Articles.

They read short texts about Geographic Features in Malta and fill in a graphic organiser.

Discuss visiting the places mentioned in the lesson.






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