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The human body. A bilingual Project


HUMAN BODY (class 5a Modena Italy)

Time: 1 hour every week for 3 months

Keywords (English)

Body parts and body actions

Lungs, mouth, nose, heart, brain, muscles, veins, kidney, skeleton, bones, skin

Digest, breathe, circulate, absorb, transport, transmit

Sentences (English)

Thanks to my skeleton I can stand

Thanks to my brain I can think

Thanks to my lungs ...

Joints connect the bones and help the skeleton move.

The leg bone is connected to the thigh bone

General concepts about science

Get to know and understand how our body works. 

Get to know and understand the functions of systems and apparatuses.

Learn about different parts of the body




Video human body

Video dem bones


Kids describe human body with simple sentences in English and in Italian.

Kids record their voices and create a new video

5a presents a bilingual video about the human body


Text from school books, worksheets

 Text from the video “human body”

Text from the song “dem bones”

Lessons from Italian science school book.


Students complete cloze text, posters and worksheets

Assessment. (practical, written,  or oral test)

Worksheets and oral tests in English and in Italian

Games about the human body

Teacher’s evaluation

How much did they learn?

The experience has been very positive. Students learnt a lot of new words in English. 

Children with special needs sized the opportunity to learn simple concepts in Italian and listen to The English lesson too

Children’s evaluation

How much did they like it?

They were enthusiastic

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