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Sport and health


Task 1 (reading)

Please read this article Activité physique et santé


Task 2

This is a task based activity for students to identify some positive effects of physical activities and hygiene on health and personal well-being.

Firstly you can watch the video and answer to these questions :


Task 3 (reading)

Please read this article about importance of sports to health.

And try to answer to this question : why is it important to pratice physical activities earlier for hygiene and health ?

Alternatively you can check the site using the wordlink dictionary option by selecting the button on the page.

Task 4

What can you say about this picture ?

physical education


Task 4

Watch this video.


8'45 sport and alimentation

16' sport et rythme cardiaque

22' sport et risques échauffement et hydratation, tendinite et fracture



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