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Healthy living around the world.


Healthy living involves more than physical health, it also includes mental and emotional health. "Healthy living" to most people means both physical and mental health are in balance or functioning well together in a person.

At the end of this webquest students will have done the list of healthy habits in small groups (4-6 students). The students will research healthy living habits so on the end of lesson they can make presentation about programme/list of changing habits for the whole class that will hang in the classroom. Everyday they are checking if they will follow the rules of healthy living and they get one sticker a day if the have a success.



The poster must contain (Criteria):



Step 1: What is healthy living?

a) Look at the picture on the top and watch the video about healthy living below


Step 2: Learning by guessing

b) Play a game below

c) Get together in groups (4-6 person in one group)

d) Discover healthy and unhealty habits below

d) In groups discuss what is the most important habit in healthy living and create a list of 10 habits in Canva.

e) Present a poster to our class and vote which one you like the most, this one will hang in the classroom.




Criteria 3 - excellent 2 - satisfactory 1 - not satisfactory
10 names of healty habits that is easy to follow everyday 8-10 names of healthy habits 5-7 names of healthy habits 1-4 names of healthy habits
3 pictures of good habits 3 pictures of good habits 2 pictures of good habits 1 pictures of good habits
table for stickers Nice design, big enough to put the stickers on poor design, small size, not atractive No table for stickers
1 video of their favorite activity Proper video with activity video what is not connected with a topic No video
attractive design Colorfull, nice shape, attention grabbing, visible text, legible font Poor colors, messy, used already existing template text too small, no colors, not legible font
Ability to cooperate in a group task Student consistently performs well as a group member, showing initiative, organising tasks, completion, and supporting all other group members. Students performs well as a group member at times, showing initiative, organising task completion, and supporting all other group members. Student acknowledges membership of the group but does little to help achieve group success.
Presentation Spoken content matched the poster, text clear and easy to understand, pronunciation and vocabulary are excellent, the oral delivery was prepared but not read from written text. Only a small amount of spoken content did not match a poster, Some problems with accuracy of pronunciation and vocabulary, some of the oral delivery was read from a written text Poster did not fit with the spoken content, many problems with accuracy of pronunciation and vocabulary, most of the oral delivery was read from a written text


*Useful information




After this lesson our students know healthy habits, can name them in english, they can work in groups, they know how to make a poster in Canva and they know how to present poster. Students also have nice community tool to learn healthy habits daily by putting stickers on the wall if the follow healthy living rules everyday.



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