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Lesson CLIL(Bud Mara)



CLIL stands for Content and Language Integrated Learning. It isanapproachconcerninglanguagesorinterculturalknowledge and understanding (Marsh, 2002); itis a meaning-focused learning method (Van de Craen, 2006) and an “umbrella” term used to talk aboutbilingualeducationsituations (Gajo, 2007).


According to TKT CLIL handbook (The TKT Course, CLIL module, Kay Bentley, CUP 2010) CLIL isanevolvingeducationalapproach to teaching and learning wheresubjectsaretaughtthrough the medium of a non-native language.


To me, thislastdefinitionis the most descriptive one and the one the bestapproacheswhat most of usunderstand by CLIL.


It isincreasinglyimportant in ourglobal, technologicalsociety, whereknowledge of anotherlanguagehelpslearners to developskillswhichwill be able to communicate to peoplearound the worlds.


It is a completelydifferent learning experiencecompared with most foreignlanguageteachingbecausecontent and languagearetaughttogether.


A languageteacherhas the challenge to learnmoreaboutsubjectcontent and subjectteachersneed to learnabout the languageneeded for theirsubjects.


It can be taught to veryyounglearners, teenagers, adults, and also in vocationaloracademicstudies.


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