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And the third one: Well we live on continents
They are solid and they are made of rock
And under those continents and under that water is more rock
So I have four different rocks here
Let us take a closer look at them
Start with this one it is different Lots of different colors in this rock
And and this one right here it feels interesting
And this one is well it is solid But they all were
And this one has got lots of little different pieces
Well what is this made of
Let us take a closer look at this interesting rock right here
When I look closely at this rock I see many different colors
How does it get those colors
Well it has got black it has got a little bit of gray
it has got this pinky beige color
This is made up of a lot of different things
And this rock can be found all over the world
If I were to dig right under me in North America I would find this rock
If I were to dig in Africa I would find this rock
If I were to dig under any continent I would find this rock
It is pretty famous
This rock is called granite
Through science we have discovered
that rocks are made of two or more minerals
See this black mineral right here
That is right in here that is those black pieces
This white one well that is in here too
And the brownish pinkish color that is here too
Pretty awesome
But how did this mineral and this mineral
go together to make this It is not happening
Through science we have discovered that these three minerals can melt
and go from a solid to a liquid
And well where does that happen Deep inside the earth
Here is a picture of deep inside the earth and those liquids mix together
And those minerals get all mixed up and as they cool they change
and they turn into this: rock
Granite makes up our continents
And our continents are on top of the earths crust.
And so are the oceans they are on top of the earths crust too
And what is the earths crust
Another rock basalt
Wow! Science is so cool.
If you want to learn more about rocks and minerals check out our
links in the video description
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