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This is a Clilstore unit. You can link all words to dictionaries.

Let's play with money



This activity involves secondary students in the process of financial education for pupils.


Tasks to do

In groups of 3 you are going to create a game of your choice.

The game can be played online by your younger friends.


Find resources underneath.



Now you can check  how much you know and try this activity.


Group work - brainstorm and decide on your game aim and what kind of game would be the best to reach the goal. Think over the game instruction.


Organize your information and decide/choose what you put in the game


Create the game and pre-use it. Correct if necessary.


Share your work with other groups. Collect their opinions.



Decide if you want to change anything in your game. Do it if you need.



Your work should be documented with technological apps of your choice and  presented in the school internet site with a link to your game. Push the "videomaking" underneath.



Arrange the occasion or event for letting younger students play your games, advertise your product



How many steps
did I complete?
100% 70% or more less than 70% content
What did I complete
and how well?
I did best at ... I did well at ... I have to work more on ... cognition
How did I communicate
with others?
I could easily express myself and listen to to others' ideas I tried to ... but... I would like to be better at... communication
How do I see myself
in the teamwork?
I participated fully I took part only in some activities I didn't like to work with others community
What did I learn? I understand and remember everything we put in the game I understood some things of what we did. The most difficult for me was... competence
My language skills I learned all new words I learned over a half of new words I learned less than a half of new words language competence
How was the game we created? Easy to play, attractive and with correct notions on money Only some children were interested in it. The children did not reach the objective.Some did not finish to play the game feedback



After this activities students are expected to know more about use of money and to be have found how to create games for fun or for educational aims.

They also can experience teamwork and their contribution to it.




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