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Polar Bear Fun Facts

Now its time for some more amazing animals!#1,986,425, the amazing polar bear! There she is, or should I say Ursus Maritimus? Oh no, don't say it! Too late, I just did. It means Maritime bear. Although polar bears are mainly born on land, they usually spend most of their time at sea. You can find them in the Arctic, which is here on the map. Sadly, it is estimated that there are only approximately twenty-five thousand polar bears left and there are theories that global warming may be partly responsible as they spend their lives on the shrinking ice. Polar bears can weigh about seventeen-hundred pounds and be up to ten feet tall so if you bump into a walking carpet watch out, they rarely attack humans but if they're feeling a bit hungry just don't cover yourself and catch up. Here is one with her cub. here the cubs emerged from their den in a snowdrift ready  to begin the long walk to the sea, that is if they can safely escape being sat on. They're hairy, they're scary, but still the polar bear is such an amazing animal!




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