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This is a Clilstore unit. You can link all words to dictionaries.

christmas traditions

Christmas traditions around the world


Do you like Christmas ?

Would you like to learn more about Christmas in other countries?!

Let's find out and go through the tasks!





Students will be learning about Christmas traditions around the world doing several excersices in groups and pairs.



Activity 1

The first thing you are going to do is watch a video about Christmas traditions.

This video shows us the different characteristics that Christmas all around the world has. After watching the video, you have to discuss the vocabulary (you don't understand) in pairs.

Activity 2

Then, try to write it down and look it up in the dictionary or if you don't know how to write a specific word, you can ask me. You can also use the button called "DICTIONARY" at the top of the page.

Activity 3

The third activity we are going to do is to match Christmas vocabulary with the pictures.

Activity 4

Then next step is to solve a Christmas crossword ("CROSSWORD").

Activity 5

After that find as many words as you can. Use the "WORD" button at the top.

Activity 6


And the sixth activity is to match the words and put them in the right category. You can use the button "ADDITIONAL INFORMATION" at the top.



Meets little or no criteria
Meets partial criteria

Meets full criteria

Knowledge of Christmas traditions
Poor understanding of Christmas; Some work completed, but not all.
Acceptable understanding of Christmas throughout the world; Average work
Excellent understanding of Christmas; Excellent work
Student makes many spelling mistakes
Student makes a few spelling mistakes
Student knows the spelling and vocabulary very well
Group work
Some roles not completely fulfilled. Uneven involvement and parts of task not completed.
All roles have been completed. Involvement is uneven or parts of task were not completed.
All roles have been completed skillfully. Equally involved; diligent about completing the task.






You have already done a super job!!!!!!







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