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Dogs in School

It is Wednesday morning, and Brianna is watching her classroom door. She is waiting for her favorite teacher. Ms. Lucy comes in right on time. Ms. Lucy walks around the room and says hello to everyone.

Then Ms. Lucy and Brianna go to the reading corner. Brianna sits on a pillow and looks through a box of books. Ms. Lucy rests her head on Brianna's knee. Brianna starts to read. Ms. Lucy looks and listens.

Brianna reads for twenty minutes. When she is finished, Ms. Lucy sits up and licks her. Brianna hugs Ms. Lucy. Then they play together. Soon it is time for Ms. Lucy's next student. The whole class says goodbye to Ms. Lucy. She wags her tail to say goodbye.

Ms. Okiro is Brianna's class teacher. "Brianna used to hate reading," she says. "Brianna thought she was bad at reading. Some of the other children teased her and then she stopped trying. Lucy has changed all that. Lucy never laughs at Brianna or tells her a word is wrong. Lucy just looks and listens. Brianna loves to read now. She gets better every day."

"Lucy helps the whole class,” says Ms. Okiro. "The class is happy, calm, and relaxed when she is here. Animals can teach children so much. I think the Dogs in School program is a big success."

Ms. Okiro is right. The program is a big success. Dogs are now helping children read in schools all over the U.S.A., and in other countries too.


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