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Market Segmentation

How do you segment a market?  

How do you break apart a large group to identify a group that you are interested in?

Use the following link to find out how companies can successfully create market segments:

Read the text carefully! For a better understanding of new words you may click on the new word and get immediately a translation on the right hand side of the screen.

Create an overview (e.g. a mindmap or a table) of the different aproaches of market segmentation to support your learning. List all the new vocabulary including a synonym or definition or translation of them.


Now let's see if you basically understood the concept of market segmentation. 

Click on the Button "Ads, Ads, Ads ..."! (Word-document) There you can find four different advertisements. Analyse them according to the segmentation criterias you have read earlier. Find out more about the persons who should buy the product/service. Create a table (like shown at the end of the task) and fill in as much details as you can find in the given advertisement examples to define the target group. When finished upload your table in "TEAMS" until the end of the Christmas Break.

Criteria UNO Pantene Renault Kadjar Rauch


(nations, states, regions, cities, neighborhoods, zip codes, etc.)



(age, gender, family size, income, occupation, education, religion, ethnicity, and nationality)



(lifestyle, personality, attitudes, and social class)



(user status, purchase occasion, loyalty, readiness to buy)


Decision maker

(decision-making role (purchaser, influencer, etc.)

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