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Modern Family Gloria Luke/Look

G: ___!
L: At what?
G: What do you mean,"at what"? I said "___."
L: I am looking.
G: I know you are. Stay on the beams.
G: Maybe it's here.
G: Ay, dios mio! El diablo! It's back!
G: What is so special about that angel, anyways?
L: I don't know. I guess nana made it for mom and uncle Mitchell when they were kids.
G: Ay, that's nice.
L: ___ where you're going!
G: To open more boxes.
L: oh, you said "___ where you're going," didn't you?
G: yes.
L: Every time you say "___ ," I think you're saying "___ ."
G: I don't hear the difference.
L: It's not that hard. One is my name.
G: Juan is not your name!
G: Stop kidding around and ___ , ___ !
G: Ay, I get it. "___ " sounds like "___."
L: yes. Thank god.
L: I've been carrying that one around for three years.



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