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The Red Ogre That Cried

The Red Ogre That Cried

The Red Ogre was a kind monster. He had a horn and a big red body. He was lonely and wanted to make friends with the people in the village.

But the people were afraid of him. He was so sad.

He put up a sign. It said, “I AM NOT DANGEROUS!”
But this did not help. The villagers were still afraid.
Red Ogre was so sad. He cried and cried.

His good friend Blue Ogre wanted to help.
“I have an idea. I will go down to the village and scare people.
You will come after me, hit me and scare me away. Then the people will know that you are their friend.”

So that is what they did.

The villagers were not afraid of Red Ogre anymore. They became friends.
They went to Red Ogre’s house for tea and sweets. He was so happy.

Time passed. Red Ogre missed his friend Blue Ogre.
He went to Blue Ogre’s home, but he had gone.

There was a sign on the door:
Hello Red Ogre. You now have people friends.
It is best that I go away so that people are not scared.
Your friend Blue Ogre.

Red Ogre cried and cried because his best friend had gone away.



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