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This is a Clilstore unit. You can link all words to dictionaries.

How does a computer work?

Hardware devices communicating with the computer


 After the computer has loaded the operating system, hardware attached to the computer must be able to communicate with the CPU. Hardware communication is done by using an interrupt request (IRQ). Each time hardware needs the attention of the computer the interrupt controller sends the request (INTR) to the CPU to stop what it is doing to process the request. Anything that was being currently done by the CPU is put on hold and stored as a memory address in the memory stack.




This webquest will lead you through the tasks how the computer work.

You should go through all task levels by scrolling down and looking videos, pictures a pushing buttons..

If you need more information click on the links at the bottom.

  1. Information about  how does  a computer work
  2. Discussing, arguing, working together
  3. Using internet for presenting foto and videos
  4. Analyzing the mean of the functions of the  units
  5. Working in groups
  6. Presenting “How does a computer work  to students  with using technical devices





Step 1      The actual computers


Instruction for students: 



 Step 2         The special control computers - arduino


     Instruction for students: 

   - watch the video

   - fill right words to the blanks

   - discuss about the arduino in your group

More information -  see what you ned in the button down




  Instruction for students: 

   - watch the video

   - fill right words to the blanks

   - discuss  the questions belowin in your group 

   - choose a partner using the Random Name Picker


Some questions for students.

  - what is function of matherboard

  - what is function of CPU

  - what is function of memory

  - what is function of matherboard




  1. Use your keynote template to work on your presentationEach page has to include the picture concerning the title.
  2. Inform yourself about the methode 
  3. Work with imovieipad and internetKeep in mindnot using protected pictures.




The students get to know the how the computer work. They learn two main types of computers.
They get to work in a team, discussing the function. They ca sumarizing this informations and prezentation.

This will be used for their team work .






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