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I want to be a Pirate

I want to be a Pirate

I want to be a Pirate,

It's a pirate's life for me!

I'll wear a scarf around my head

And sail the salty sea.


I'll stay away for one whole year,

Or maybe even two-

And when I find a treasure chest

I'll come on home to you.


I think I saw a mermaid

On the rock, right there.

I think I saw her tail flash,

I think I saw her hair.


Here is the treasure chest.

What does it hold?

Rubies and emeralds,

silver and gold,

Sparkling diamonds,

Spanish doubloons,

Perfect to pay with

on grey afternoons.


Our ship is big.

It's called a brig.

Sometimes on deck

We dance a jig




I look out for islands,

I look out for rocks,

I look out for pirates

With holes in their socks!


We're home

We've reached the port!

We're home al last.

We've been away for years,

and everione is waiting

to give us three big cheers.


Our mums and dads are smiling

As we hurry from the ship-

"Here come our little pirates!

hip-hip hip-hip Hooray!"


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