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One day, Zebra wakes up after a nice night of sweet dreams, and suddenly...


-Who's that? That's not me? Where are my stipes?

Ok, Zebra, don't panic.

You haven't got your stripes, but you've still got your head, so use it.

Think, Zebra, Think.

Are they under my bed? Maybe in the fridge? Are they in the bin? Maybe on the roof?

Well, tht's clear, my stripes are not in the house. But, Where ar they? I just need a little help from my friends.

Hello, Elephant!

Hello, Giraffe!

Hello, Snake!

-Where are your stripes?-said Elephant

- I don't know. They are not in my house. Can you help me?

- yes, we can. - said Snake

- Good morning Rainbow! Can you help me?

- Yes, I can.




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