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Maisy and the wheather

Maisy and the wheather

It's a new day for Maisy. Hooray!

Pull back the curtains and see what the weather will be today.

It's a sunny day. Hooray!

A hot and sunny,

ice-cream runny,

big floppy hat,

go to the beach kind of day.

It's a snowy day. Hooray!

A warm hat and mittens

( even for little black kittens),

frosty, cold, and crisp kind of day.

It's a rainy day. Hooray!

A dripping and dropping,

raindrops plopping,

dance in the puddles kind of day.

It's a windy day. Hooray!

A bendy, bowy, leaves all blowy,

wear your scarf and flu your

kite kind of day.



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