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School life in England

Hi. I’m Jamie. I’m eleven years old. I live in Walthamstow, in the south of England. This is my school day. Hi Jamie! Hi Chidi. What’s the time? It’s eight thirty. Thanks Jamie. See you at school. Bye!

This is Annette. She’s a Lollipop Lady. She helps us cross the road. Thanks Annette! You’re welcome!

This is my school. Forest school. We wear a school uniform. Thanks mum, see you at half past three. Bye Mrs Cole. Thanks Mrs Cole, see you later. Goodbye girls, have a good day.

School starts at eight fifty with class registration. Good morning…

Now, it’s assembly. Good morning everyone. Good morning Mrs Brown! Thank you. Please turn to number fifty-five in your hymn books and please stand quietly. Open your eyes, look into the sky, The darkness has come, the sun came to die, The evening draws on, the sun disappears, But Jesus is living, His Spirit is near.

Lesson one starts at nine thirty. Today it’s Art. Jaimy, can you pass the paint please? Here you are. Thank you. Can everyone tidy up now please? It’s time for break.

It’s ten thirty. It’s break time. I play games with my friends in the playground. Angharad, we’re going to play it. Can I play? Of course! That’s the end of break. It’s ten fourty-five.

Today, lesson two is ICT. My favourite! Miss Watts, can you help me please? Yes, what is it? I want this red, not black. Okay. Do this… …and then do this. Oh now it’s red! Thanks, Miss Watts.

School dinner, school dinner. Mushy peas, mushy peas! Soggy semolina, soggy semolina, I feel sick, get a bucket quick.

It’s twelve fifteen. Lunchtime. I eat lunch in the canteen with my friends. Can I have pasta and salad please? What have you got for lunch, Angharad? I’ve got ham and salad sandwiches, a banana and a packet of crisps. Can I have a crisp please? Of course. Thanks. Cheese and onion – my favourite! Can we sit here please? Yes. Okay.

After lunch we play on the playground. Lesson three starts at one fifteen. Today, it’s science.

It’s three fifteen. The end of the school day. Time to go home! Jamie, are you walking home? Yes. Do you want to come to my house? Yes, okay, let’s go.

Bye, see you tomorrow!


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