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Sports in England

Cricket is a popular national sport in the UK although not many people play in Scotland. Basically you have to hit a hard red ball with a piece of wood called a bat and then run in the opposite direction to your partner, that way you score points for your team. It can be confusing because all the players play in white but it’s not complicated when you start playing. Unfortunately in cricket you have to stop playing when it starts raining. Cricket is played in Australia, New Zealand, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and India. These are all ex British colonies or territories which have become strong international teams, often beating England, too.

This is ‘rounders’ – a game similar to baseball in the United States often played by girls in schools. It’s a bit like cricket, you hit the ball and then run as fast as you can from base to base. Run quickly, or you’ll be out.

Football’s always very popular in Britain, over five million people play at some level, usually as amateurs. It’s easy, you just need a ball and a few jackets to make the goal and there are lots of open spaces where to play.

Sport and exercise isn’t for everybody, of course. Britain’s parks are a great place to go jogging, and over one million people practise this sport. A lot of people go jogging in their lunch break to keep fit, it’s also a great way to get away from the stress of modern office life.

There are tennis courts in nearly every UK park, so it’s easy to play. Unfortunately there are very few British champions in this sport even if Britain holds one of the most important tournaments in world tennis, Wimbledon in South-West London. The tournament’s played in June and is on grass.

Rollerblading is less popular in the UK now compared to years ago but it’s still a great way to keep fit. If you go down to the South bank near the River Thames you can see some alternative sports such as skateboarding or BMX stunt riding. Or this, at the nearby Festival Pier, looks fun doesn’t it? But don’t try it at home!


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