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Nobu Matsuhisa

Nobu Matsuhisa is a chef. He is from Japan. He lived with his brothers and his mother. When he was little his dream was to be a chef.

He worked hard in a restaurant and one day a man called him to open a restaurant in Peru. They opened the restaurant and he invented a new style of cooking. He combines Japanese food and Peruvian food.

One day he opened a restaurant in Australia but the restaurant burned and he started from zero.

He worked a lot to have his restaurants. Today, he has restaurants around the world and people like his food.

Now, he cooks different meals and he offers different food in his restaurant: burgers, cereals, eggs, ham, meat, rice, sandwiches, soup, toast, vegetables, fish, and yoghurt.

He prepares meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Today he is a chef known around the world. His dream is now a reality.



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