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House and Home

Hey guys! It’s the Haschak Sisters, today we’ll be doing our Atlanta House tour! This is a highly requested video, so we’re about to do it for you guys. So let’s get started!

[knock knock knock]

Hey guys, come on in!

-Rosie, rosie no-

Okay, so this is our living room. Yeah. We’ve got a TV, pillows, couch… chair, couch, high five, with some nice decorations. This is where we usually eat like our dinner and our lunch on the floor, because if you eat it on the couch you will like, spill everywhere.

-Like she did yesterday!-

-I always spill-

-Time to vacuum!-

Okay, so… let’s move over here. This is kind of like, our kitchen area. This is some drawers, as you can see – they are not drawers, they’re like, shelves. – This is Rosie’s compartment, and our stove top, our teapot. It will be for like, hot chocolate, me making water.

-No! Green tea.-

-Tea AND hot chocolate.-

-We have sugar for in our tea.-


Yeah, this is our fruit station. Actually there is more fruit in the fridge. We like to make smoothies. We have so much fruit. We love fruit.


This is our dinner table. We don’t eat dinner here very often.

-Yeah, this is where we Olivia and Sierra do their homework, so they always have paper spread out on this table.-


This is Rosie’s little area right here. We put our gate there when we go to school, we have like a baby gate and we stick her in there, give her a bone and say ‘bye Rosie!’. She loves it though, because she always waits there in the morning and barks for us. If she wants a “Gree” so bad she barks – “Gree” is a bone.

Let’s go!


Okay, this is our office, and it usually gets messy really quick because Gracie is at home working here. We have a computer, printer, paper – lots of paper – and a feather. Uhm… construction paper… Sierra’s and Olivia’s craft paper.

-It’s mostly mine-

-It’s our crafting, we got it for Christmas, guys!-

-The last three years we have this futon. It turns into a bed: it spreads into a bed. So if anyone wants to sleep over, keep it all in there.


You guys might have seen this in me and Sierra’s room tour, but this is basically what it looks like. It may look a little bit different, because something might’ve changed, like how many books I have on my dresser.

-As you can tell, my side is more organized.-

-No it’s not! At least I have more books. I read more.-

-I clean all of her stuff because she’s downstairs watching TV.-

-This is the phone case that they used in Gossip Girl.-

-Here’s like my planner. Yeah, I got it for my birthday. Here. Daddy leaves. That’s my dad’s birthday, that’s why there’s a sticker.


This is Sierra and Olivia’s bathroom. Nothing much. We did this in the “expectation vs. reality” video. One of them.


And this is our parents’ room. Yeah, as you can see there’s Rosie’s ball. It’s an open space, so he usually runs around and around and around.

-Now back downstairs!-


This is our room! You guys probably already saw it in our room tour, and if you haven’t you should check that out, but… yeah! It might look a little different.

-This is where me and Sierra kind of spied one time, it did not go very well.-

-They think they’re so cool because they get under blankets, and they’re like, scheming on the floor, but you can hear them. And then when we look they flatten, but we can like, totally see them, and they’re so loud, and…


So this is our closet.

And then this is our bathroom. You saw this in our… hmmm… “I’m Gracie” video, right?


Got a toilet, sink, some toilet paper… you know. Just the use (short for: “usual”).


And then our door goes out, too.

-Oh yeah, look! Our porch, our patio.

-Patio. We have our porch over there.


It’s so cold!

-It’s really cold.

-Rosie sometimes goes to the bathroom out here.

-She does, but she runs away sometimes.

-She ran like, down there, and I was like…

-It’s cold here!

-Okay, let’s go back inside.

-it’s been really cold out here in Georgia.


So that was the end of our Atlanta house tour. We hope you enjoyed! Comment down below if you have any other video ideas for us to do. Thanks for watching! Bye!



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