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Tour Through the Netherlands

The Netherlands, also referred to as ‘Holland’, is crisscrossed with canals. The flat landscape is perfect for cycling, with historic town centres, classic windmills, and other tourist spots sprinkled across the country. The long coastline is marked by miles of protective dunes and sandy beaches. During springtime the flower gardens become a great attraction, providing a bold spectacle of vivid colours. I’m Donna Salerno, and today we visit the exciting top ten things to do in the Netherlands.

  1. Canals

The famous canals were built during the seventeenth century to control the flow of the Amstel River, and to add acres of dry land to the city. A boat ride along one of the city’s one hundred canals offers visitors a relaxing way to view traditional Dutch architecture. Lined with elm and lime trees and crossed over by more than a thousand bridges, the canals are home to some two thousand houseboats. Tours offer a variety of options, ranging from hour-long excursions, to candlelight cruises.

  1. Rijksmuseum

The largest and most prestigious museum for art and history in the Netherlands, a fantastic collection of paintings from the Dutch Golden Age, including works by Vermeer, and Rembrandt.

  1. Delft

From the Renaissance style city hall building on the market square, to the city’s traditional Holland canals, architecture and vibe, Delft is a progressive town that has worked diligently to restore its antiquated appearance. This unspoiled town is an ideal day trip or vacation destination. Remember to visit the Vermeer centrum.

  1. Rembrandt house

Visit the house where Rembrandt lived and worked for over twenty years. All the furniture was reconstructed according to the original inventory. Many interesting objects from Rembrandt’s art collection are on display. Don’t miss the lectures about etching, and paint mixing.

  1. Windmills

There are over a thousand windmills in Holland. The Dutch have restores many of the historic sites, which are available for visitors to explore.

  1. Keukenhof gardens

Welcome to the world’s largest flower garden. Approximately seven million flower bulbs are planted annually in the park, with not only tulips, but also hyacinths, daffodils, and other flowers. The gardens are open from the last week in March to mid-May.

  1. Van Gogh Museum

This museum is home to the world’s largest collection of the artist’s paintings and letters. Two hundred paintings from the Dutch post-impressionists occupy the second story of the museum. Displayed chronologically, the artwork offers viewers and intimate look at Van Gogh’s evolving style.

  1. Maastricht Vrijthof

This is the best-known city square in the southernmost part of the Netherlands. It features the massive church and cathedral. There are large festivals at various times throughout the year, including autumn and winter.

  1. Hoge Veluwe National Park

This national park is one of the largest continuous nature reserves, consisting of sand dunes and Woodlands, the art museum with its large collection of paintings by Vincent van Gogh is located within the park. Bicycles are available to visitors, with much of the area being inaccessible by car.

  1. Leiden

Leiden is known for the oldest university in the Netherlands, the birthplace of Rembrandt, and its beautiful canals. The historic district has one of the largest town centres in the country, second only to Amsterdam.

  1. Anne Frank House

The structure that once hid Anne Frank and her family from the Nazi authorities during World War two has been viewed as a memorial to the Holocaust since 1947.

  1. The Hague

This city is known as the royal residence by the sea. Insiders tip:: visit the royal gallery, which exhibits Vermeer’s ‘Girl with the Pearl Earring’, and other notable Dutch and Flemish masters.

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