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Animals and habitats

Hi! It’s me, Parvati. And this is Blinx. We’re in the African savanna, pretty awesome, isn’t it? My dad came to Africa for work, so Blinx and I got to tag along. Some of the largest animals in the world live right here. Like the African Elephant. They can live to be almost seventy years old! Elephants eat many different things, like leaves, bark and fruit, but they especially like grass. The savanna has some trees and lots and lots of grass, so it’s a great place for them to live. The place where an animal or plant lives, is called its habitat. A habitat has everything that a living thing needs to survive, like food, air, water, and shelter.

Habitats can be big or small. Like this pile of dirt. It’s actually a termite nest, called a mound, and it’s the habitat of thousands of termites. Inside are lots of tunnels, with places for water and food, and even special places for the termites’ eggs. It’s like a whole city in there. Since termites eat wood, you might think this is not a good place for a tree to grow, but a termite mound is also a great habitat for the jackalberry tree. Because jackalberry wood is too hard for the termites to eat. The roots help to hold the mound together, and the mound provides a way for the roots to get water. The jackalberry tree is also an important part of the habitat for the baboons that live on the savanna. The tree gives them tasty jackalberry fruit to munch on, and it has high branches they can climb up when there is danger below.

The giraffe is one of my favourite animals – after Blinx of course. The giraffe is one of the tallest animals in the word. Just the giraffe’s legs are taller than my dad, and he is about six feet tall. A giraffe eats hundreds of pounds of leaves every week, so it must travel all over the savanna to find that much food. That’s a big habitat. Lucky for the giraffe, it has a height advantage. His dinner is way over the heads of most other animals, right, mister giraffe?

I’m sure you can see how important the grass is, and trees of the savanna are, to all of these animals. If anything happened to the plants and the grass, the animals that eat them wouldn’t be able to survive. And if the plant eaters didn’t to survive, the meat eaters, like lions, wouldn’t survive either. Fortunately, all of these plants and animals have a pretty great habitat to live in.

Of course there are lots of different kids of habitats on Earth. Here I am with my dad, hiking at Wheeler Peak, a mountain habitat. And this picture was taken in the Mohabi Desert, a desert habitat. This one’s my favourite, Blinx, you’re in it too. We’re at Tenaya Lake, a lake habitat in Yosemite park. That reminds me, Blinx, we need a picture of us in the savanna. We’ll see you next time around. Until then, enjoy your habitat. Ready Blinx? Smile!


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