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 Le Corbusier is a Swiss and French architect.

Le Corbusier has a lot of imagination. He likes to create new and original things. One day he decided to create a different building and a different church. Everyone admires these creations because they are not like the rest.

Le Corbusier has a studio in France. In this studio he creates different things. He has a table, pencils, books, notebooks, rules and rubbers that help him create.

Besides, he designed a school. The school has a hall, a classroom, a playground, a laboratory, a gym, a computer room, a library, an eating room and a bathroom.

He teaches his work to many people and he wants to inspire us to be creative.

He creates projects for Japan, Europe and America because it is different, original and creative.


Examples of questions:

What do you think about this church? Is it different?

Do you think he is original? Why?

Do you like to create?

Does the school has a place to play?



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