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Irregular verbs

A poem: "About a boy"

Read the poem and find 25 irregular verbs. Put down the three forms for each verb.

I knew a boy.

He wasn’t good.

He always broke

All things he could.

He sold all presents

That he got.

He threw all books

His father bought,

Forgot all things

His teachers taught.

He wasn’t smart at all

They thought.

But when he grew

He understood

The way he chose

Was not so good.

He felt so bad.

He hardly slept.

He went to school

That he once left.

Soon he became a smarter man

His journey into books began.

He took a book,

He made a note

And in a year

His book he wrote.

It was the best thing he had had.

That’s what he told, that’s what he said.

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