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Cell organelles Research

Cells are the basic functional and structural unit of life. There are many different types of cells that all do different jobs, but the basic structure of these cells are all very similar. We are going to discover the cell structure and its components: the cell organelles, which have specific functions in the cell:

  1. Cell wall
  2. Golgi apparatus
  3. Chloroplast
  4. Vacuole
  5. Mitochondria
  6. Cell membrane
  7. Cytoplasm
  8. Nucleus
  9. Centriole
  10. Endoplasmic reticulum

 We are going to study all of them and discover which function they have.

ACTIVITY 1. Watch and listen the video "The Cell Song" from the YouTube channel "sciencemusicvideo" and fill the gaps:

I went into a (1) _____________, to get out of the rain,

and there was the gatekeeper, the cell (2) _____________.

I went into a cell, and what did I see?,

the (3) _____________, it's the energy factory.

I went into a cell, and said "who drives this bus?"

and found myself talking to the boss, the (4) _____________.

I went into a cell, to recover from a spasm,

and found myself swimming in some clear (5) _____________.

I went into the (6) _____________ to ask how to get home,

and got genetic info, stored in a chromosome.

I went into a cell, and stretching o' so far,

was a thin and wavy network, it's called the (7) _____________.

I went into a cell, trying not to be perplexed,

by the packaging and sorting in the (8) _____________.

I went into a cell, and said "who makes proteins here?"

and somebody responded "it's the (9) _____________, my dear."

I went into a cell, and was feeling pretty fine,

till a (10) _____________ engulfed me, and dissolved me in enzymes.

I went into a cell, and was feeling pretty nimble,

till a (11) _____________lassoed me, tying me up in a spindle.

I went into a (12) _____________ cell to see how trees get so tall,

and all around the outside was a rigid (13) _____________.

I went into a plant cell, "why's it so green I asked?"

"'Cause I make food from sunlight," said a green (14) _____________.

I went into a plant cell to see how plant cells store food,

when a (15) _____________ informed me that he was the storage dude.

So when you go inside a cell, remember what you see,

There's over a trillion (16) _____________ in both you and me.

Just sing this song if you ever feel confusion,

and remember active transport is the opposite of diffusion.


ACTIVITY 2. Now, highlight the word that you don't know and make a glossary looking for its definition in the dictionary.


ACTIVITY 3. Make a research about each organelle and make a cards. The card will contain: a drawing, a brief description, an explanation of their function and where they can be found: animal cell or plant cell.

Here you will find some questions to guide you to complete the cards: 

  1. What is the name of the organelle?
  2. What does the organelle look like? 
  3. Which is the organelle function in the cell?

Now you can research information about them in the textbook and internet. You can use these websites for it:

  1. Interactive cell model.

 Once you have all the information, it's time to complete the cards. Go for it!


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