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This is a Clilstore unit. You can link all words to dictionaries.


With this activity, we will learn a little more about eating disorders.

We are sure that you have heard about bulimia or anorexia but you may not know the extent of these psychological diseases that cause health problems and even death.

 You should see the video that you have on the screen (until minute 8)

This video is made by Crash Course Psychology (an association that try to explain psychological problems and help people to fight against them).

 Once viewed (as many times as you think necessary), answer the questions below.

 Good luck!


1.Complete these sentences

- __________percent of first to third grade__________ want to be thinner.

-__________percent of 10 years olds are afraid of being __________.

-Teenagers used troubling weight control methods as fasting, skipping _________, ____________, vomiting or taking laxatives.

-______________has what's often estimated to be the _______ mortality rate.

- Today between _______ and 20 percent of people diagnosed with eating disorders are ________.


2. Relate each word with its definition 

A) Anorexia                         Low-calorie diet with an excessive exercise

B) Bulimia                           A person that suffers emotional problems but no purge

C) Binge-eating disorders     A person maintains a starvation diet signicantly underweight

D) Restriction                      Episodes of binge eating and restriction behavior

E) Purge                             Person alternates eating high-calorie food with purging or fasting

A-        B-        C-        D-        E-


3.Underline the consequences of each disease

Anorexia:   fast heart rate                   loss of bone density                severe hydration    fatigue

Bulimia:    mouth inflammation           regular heartbeat                     ulcers                   tooth increase staining


4.Choose the right answer

-BDD is

a) Psychological illness that centers on a person's obsession with emotional flaws

b) Physical illness that centers on a person's obsession with physical flaws

c) Psychological illness that centers on a person's obsession with physical flaws


-OCD is

a) Unwanted repetitive thoughts that becomes an obsession

b) Wanted repetitive thoughts that becomes an obsession

c) Unwanted repetitive thoughts that becomes an exercise


-People suffering BBD or OCD may (4 correct options)

a) Not exercise

b) Present obsessive grooming

c) Feel satisfied

d) Not use cosmetic products

e) Avoid social situations

f) Fear of other's judge

g) Suffer depression



This is the score for every question:


Question 1

 Every correct word = 1 point (Maximum: 10 points)

 Question 2

Right definition = 1 point (Maximum: 5 points)

Question 3

Underline the right word= 1 point (Maximum: 4 points)

 Question 4

Correct answer= 1 point (Maximum: 6 points)


At the end of this activity, you should add scores for every question and compare with this table to know your mark in this lesson.



20         10

19         9,5

18         9

17         8,5

16         8

15         7,5

14         7

13         6,5

12         6

11         5,5

10         5

9          4,5

8          4

7          3,5

6          3

5          2,5

4          2

3          1,5

2          1

1          0,5

0          0


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