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Unit 15: Pin and his journey

Pin is a blue little monster and he is 11 years old. He has got a lot of friends at school: Sam, Cheek, Lyn...

One day of June, Pin goes to school and his English teacher is waiting for the students in the classroom:

-  Come on, boys and girls! Sit down, please. I am going to tell you something very important…

-  Yes! You are going to speak about our winter holidays!

-  Excuse me? Did you say ‘winter holidays’?

-  Oh, I am sorry. I mean our summer holidays! Ha ha ha

-  Great! During this summer holidays, we are going to travel around the world. You are going to improve your English very much!

-  What do you mean, Miss? – Pin asks.

-  We are going to have a very loung journey to visit many countries in the world.

-  And what countries are we going to visit, Miss?

-  We are going to travel to the United States of America, London, France, Italy and Tokyo.

-  Wow! This journey is going to be really special!

-  And very long! Ha ha ha ha- Pin says.


Two months later, the 20th of July, all the students of the classroom are excited to start their new adventure at the airport of Valencia.

-  Come on, Pin! Where is your flight ticket?

-  Here it is. It is inside my suitcase. There are many things in my suitcase: plenty of clothes, my camera, some books, my phone and my headphones to listen to music during the flight.

At 9am, the plane departs to the USA and Pin starts to feel nervous:

-  Miss, I am afraid and I feel dizzy. I have never travelled by plane!

-  Don’t worry, Pin. Everything is going to be OK.

Many hours later, they arrive to the USA, where they meet famous people. 

-  Oh, look, Miss. That man is Michael Jordan!

-  Yes, he is! He is Ameican and he is really tall. 

-  Good afternoon, Michael! My name is Pin. How do you do?

-  Hello, gentleman. I am fine. Why are you in the USA?

-  Well, we are here because we want to improve our English.

-  That idea is brilliant! In my opinion, you should travel to as many countries as possible. Nowadays, everybody speaks English!

-  Yes, you are right. Thank you for your advice. We are going to travel to several countries. See you soon!

-  You're welcome. Cheers!


In the USA, Pin, his friends and his teacher visit places like the the Statue of Liberty, which is a very famous monument in New York. In that city, they can see plenty of skyscrapers and a lot of buses and cars. Suddenly, Pin goes to a shop and buys a newspaper:

-  Good morning. I want to buy a newspaper to learn something about the city.

-  OK. So you should buy the New York Times. Here you have. It’s 3 dollars, please.

-  Oh, my god! I am so upset… I don’t have got dollars. I have got euros!

-  Don’t worry, Pin – Pin’s teacher says – I have got American money.

-  Oh, thank you very much, Miss! We are going to continue our adventure.


After their stay in New York, they travel to London, where they meet Elizabeth, the Queen:

-  Hey, Miss Elizabeth! My name is Pin. How do you do? - Pin kisses the Queen.

-  Pin, don't be rude. She is the queen of the United Kingdom, so you should be respectful, call her "excellent majesty" and keep distance.

-  Oh, ok. I am sorry. How are you, excellent majesty? I love your hat! - Pin says.

-   I am fine, thank you. I always wear a hat because it is very cold in England.

-  Yes, it is freezing, so I shouldn’t use my sunglasses, but my scarf. I am sorry, but I need to go to have a takeaway and continue with my adventure. See you soon!

-  Enjoy your journey! I am going to have a cup of tea. Bye!


The next day, they visit France. In Paris, they dicover that French people give from 1 to 5 kisses when they meet someone depending on where they live. Pin is really surprised! They visit the Eifffel Tower and they eat crepes with hot chocolate. It is cloudy and cold in Paris, so they enjoy their hot food.


Two days later, they travel to Rome and they have lunch in an Italian restaurant, where they eat typical food: pizza and pasta. It is rainy, so they can’t visit the Coliseum. Some minutes later, they see the rainbow and they decide to travel by boat to the last stop of their journey: Tokyo. In Tokyo, they discover that Japanese people normally avoid contact when they meet someone, so they don’t shake hands, but they bow their heads.


After one month, Pin and his friends come back to Spain. At the end of his journey, Pin discovers that thanks to English, he can speak with foreign people, read books in English and discover other cultures and beautiful landscapes around the world.




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