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Unit 14: Pin and his new pet

Pin is a blue little monster. He is 11 years old and he is in the 5th course of primary education. He has got a lot of friends at school: Sam, Cheek, Lyn...

One day of May, Pin wakes up and while he is having his breakfast, he watches TV with his mum.

“In 2012, there were 3079 endangered animal species in the world. Some examples of endangered animals are the Bengal tiger, the blue whale or the red panda. There are plenty of zoos where animals live in very good conditions, but there are many zoos where animals aren’t free. Human beings are the most dangerous species for them.”

-  Oh, my god, mum! Animals are in danger and it is our fault! Why?

-  Well, human beings sometimes have incorrect behaviours that affect some animals. For example, when we drive our car, there is pollution and pollution affects animals.

-  I can see. So how should we protect animals?

- Firstly, we should use energy-saving light bulbs, called LEDS, and we should use environmentally-friendly fertilizers to protect the environment. Secondly, we should avoid deforestation. Thirdly, we mustn’t destroy natural habitats, that is, places where animals live. And finally, we mustn’t hunt animals.

-  Can I tell you something, mum?

-  Of course, tell me, honey.

-  I love animals, so I want to have a new pet.

-  Um, but animals need a lot of attention, care and love. Do you know that?

-  Yes, I do, mum.

-  Well…And what pet do you want?

-  Um, I like many animals: dogs, cats, turtles, birds, parrots, horses, fish, tigers…

-  But tigers are not pets; they are wild animals!

-  Yes, they are, like bears, zebras and lions. Wow! I love lions! They are beautiful!

-  I am sorry, Pin, but we are not going to have a wild animal at home! That’s crazy!

-  Oh, no, mum. I don’t want a lion at home, I want a pet. I want to have a dog!

-  Why do you want to have a dog? What about a cat?

-  Well, in my opinion, dogs are more loyal than cats and cats are more independent than dogs.

-  OK. So I am going to speak with your dad to take a decision.

-  OK. Thanks, mum.


During the dinner, Pin and his parents have a conversation:

-  Mum, dad, are we going to have a dog?

-  Well, Pin. I think that having an animal is a big responsibility and we are not sure if you are ready for that.

-  Of course I am! I am going to play with him everyday!

-  But dogs have many more needs, Pin: they need to eat and drink, they have to visit the vet twice per year and they have to go for a walk three times per day.

-  But I am going to take care of my dog! Please, let me have a dog!

-  I am sorry, Pin. You are not old enough.


Four years later, Pin is 14 years old. His birthday is very close and he is going to be 15 very soon. His dream hasn’t changed: he wants to have a dog. While he is watching a documentary about puppies and kittens in the living room, Pin’s mum arrives:

-  Hi, honey! What are you doing?

-  I am watching a documentary about dogs and cats.

-  Um, that is interesting. Well, your dad and I have decided to let you have a pet. Do you want to have one?

-  Sure! I want a dog! Can I have a dog, please?

-  Well, your dad and I have changed our mind, so we are going to have a dog.

-  Really? Oh, my god! I am really happy! Thank you very much!

-  There is only one thing that you must know: we are not going to buy a dog, we are going to adopt it.

-  What do you mean?

-  I mean that we aren’t going to buy a dog in a pet shop. We are going to adopt an abandoned dog from a rescue centre to safe the life of a dog in need.

-  OK. That is great, mum! I am going to love my dog, no matter where he comes from.

-  That’s great! So we are going to take him tomorrow at 6 pm. Is it OK for you?

-  Of course! Thank you very much, mum! I am going to be very responsible!

-  OK. I trust you, Pin. Don’t disappoint me, please.

-  OK. Don’t worry, mum!


The next day, they go to the rescue centre. There are many different dogs there: big, small, brown, black, happy, sad dogs… All of them want to have an owner and Pin doesn’t know which dog he is going to choose.

Suddenly, he finds a peculiar dog. It is a really small dog. It is six years old, it is brown, black and grey and he is not very beautiful. Moreover, the dog only has got three paws, but he is really active and friendly, so Pin decides to choose him as his new pet:

-  Look, mum. I am going to take this dog. It is really nice!

-  Um, Pin, no offense, but this dog only has got three legs and… it is ugly…

-  Come on, mum! Don’t say that! That comment is very rude! There are very beautiful dogs here, but I am sure that this dog is the most special one!

-  Well, you are right. I am sorry. We are going to take care of him as a new member of our family.

-  Thank you very much, mum! I am going to call him Sun.

-  Why?

-  Um, because it only has got three legs, but it is going to shine like the sun.

-  Oh, I like that name!


From that day on, Pin and Sun become really good friends. They spend a lot of time together: they go to the park to play with other dogs, they play in the garden, they sleep together... Pin learns a very important lesson: we should protect and help animals in danger, no matter how beautiful they are or where they come from because they are always going to love us.




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