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Unit 13: Pin saves money

Pin is a blue little monster. He is 11 years old and he is in the 5th course of primary education. One day of May, during a lesson of mathematics at school, the teacher explains what they are going to do during the month:

-  Good morning, boys and girls!

-  Good morning, Miss!

-  During this month, we are going to learn about percentages. Have you ever heard about this?

-  Yes, I have! - Pin says - When my mum and I go shopping to the shopping centre, I always see percentages in some shops.

-  Yes, you are right. Can you say an example where you can find percentages?

-  Well, I can see percentages in clothes. For example, imagine that you find a t-shirt with a label and this text: “90% cotton”. This means that almost all the t-shirt is made of cotton.

-  Alright. And have you ever been to a shopping centre on the Black Friday?

-  Yes, I have – Fan says – And there are plenty of percentages everywhere!

-  You are right, Fan. Do you know what they mean?

-  Of course, they show the discount of what you want to buy.

-  That’s a perfect explanation, Fan. Well, as you know, during Black Friday, everything is cheaper because everything has got a discount. Do you know that?

-  Yes, I do, I am going to buy a laptop next Friday – Pin says.

-  OK. I am going to tell you something. There are many people who spend a lot of money to buy clothes, telephones or computers and many other things that are not necessary, because they think they are bargains.

-  Excuse me, teacher what is a bargain?

-  A bargain is something with a very good price. The problem of that people is that they waste their money in useless things, so they don’t have enough money to buy useful things, like food. So I am going to give you an advice: you should save money and spend it for important things.

-  OK. Thanks for your advice, teacher.

Pin and Fan come back home on foot. Suddendly, while they are walking, they find five pounds in the street, between a bakery and a butcher’s.

-  Oh, my god! Look, Pin, there are five pounds on that bench!

-  Wow! We are going to buy a lottery ticket in the shop next to the toy shop!

-  Well, I am not sure… Our teacher says that we should save money…

-  Yes, I know. We are going to do it as an exception, ok?

-  OK… Let’s do it.


Pin and Fan buy a lottery ticket and they come back home. The next week, Pin receives a call while he is buying some bread in the bakery.

-  Pin, you are not going to believe what I have to tell you!

-  What’s wrong? Tell me, please.

-  We are millionaire, Pin, we are millionaire!

-  Excuse me? What are you talking about?

-  Pin, we are the lottery winners!

-  Wow! Oh my god! I can’t believe my eyes! So what are we going to do with the prize?

-  Um, let me think… The prize is 2 millions of pounds, so you are going to win one million and I am going to get the other million.

-  OK. Fair enough - Pin says. – What are you going to do with the money?

-  I am going to buy a new computer because my old computer does not work, I am going to buy two bicycles, one for my cousin and another one for me, I am going to buy a lot of clothes, I am going to buy one car for my dad and another one for my mum and with the rest of money, I am going to buy many more things. What about you, Pin?

-  Well, I am going to speak with my mum about it. I don’t want to waste my money.


When Pin arrives home, he finds her mum, who is crying:

-  What’s the matter, mum?

-  Oh, Pin. I feel so sad…

-  Why? What’s wrong?

-  Today, your sister, Paint, went to the hospital and she is ill, so she needs to have a surgery to be healthy again.

-  And what’s the problem?

-  The surgery is very expensive. It costs 470.000 pounds. We can’t afford it.

-  Oh, I can see what you mean. But mum, don’t worry!  We are rich.

-  Excuse me? We are not rich, Pin. Don’t say silly things, please!

-  Yes, we are rich, mum! We have got one million of pounds from the lottery, so we can afford Shine’s surgery!

-  Oh, my god! I am so happy!

-  Don’t worry, mum, Shine is going to recover very soon!


After one month, Shine is recovered. Pin is the happiest monster in the world because thanks to his money, her sister is safe. After a lot of reflection, Pin decides what he is going to do with the rest of money: he is going to spend 30.000 pounds to travel with his parents and his sister to New York to spend some days in a different country. Finally, he is going to give the remaining 50.000 pounds to his dad to start a family business.


Five years later, Pin meets Fan at the bank:

-  Hi, Fan. How are you? What are you doing here?

-  Well, I am not very well… I am going to ask for a bank loan. During the last five years, I have wasted all my money, so I am really poor now...

-  Oh, I am sorry for that, but you didn’t listen to my advice five years ago.

-  No, I didn’t. I am stupid. What about your life?

-  Well, my sister was ill, but I used my money to pay a surgery for her, so she is completely recovered now, my family and I have very nice memories from our holidays in New York and we are running a successful business: a primary education school. My dad and mum are great teachers.


Fan discovers that he wasted his money in stupid things. Pin feels sorry for his friend, but he learns a lesson: when we have a lot of money, we should not waste it; we should spend it reasonably to help people in need and to have useful initiatives, like starting to run a business, which is going to have many benefits in the future.





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