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Unit 7: Pin makes a new friend

Pin is a blue little monster and he is 11 years old. One night of January, Pin has a nightmare: he is a poor monster that lives in the street with his dad, his mum and his little sister. They haven’t got money, so they have to ask for money to have some food to eat. They are starving.

It is raining and Pin feels very thirsty, so he drinks some dirty water from the puddles. He feels really sad, so he starts to cry.

-  Mum, it is freezing in here! Look at that girl. She is wearing a raincoat and rain boots, so she feels warm. I am wet. I am at the end of my rope!

-  I know, honey. Calm down, please. I am really sorry.


Suddenly, a young child sits down next to Pin:

-  Hello, my name is Shine! How do you do?

-  Um, hello. My name is Pin.

-  Hi, Pin. My dad and I are buying some groceries for this week, like vegetables, fruit and meat. Do you need some food?

-  Oh, my god! I am really hungry and cold. I haven’t got clothes for these rainy days.

-  Oh, I can see. You should eat something, so I can ask my dad to buy some food in the supermarket and some clothes in the shopping centre for you and your family.

-  Oh, thank you very much for your help.

-  No worries. Let me talk to my dad.

Shine talks to her dad and he nods his head. Shine’s dad looks very smart. He is wearing a black suit, a white and pink tie, a black hat, a white belt and a pair of black shoes. After 20 minutes, Shine and her dad come close to Pin’s family with a smile on their face.

-  Pin, this is my dad. His name is John and he wants to give you this.

Shine gives two big plastic bags with a lot of food inside.

-  Oh, thank you very much!


Later, they go to the shopping centre. Pin joins Shine.

-  Look, Pin, do you like this jumper?

-  Mmm, it’s nice, but I think that I need a bigger size. This one is too tight.


-  OK. Look, this is a size 14 in red. Do you like it?


-  Oh no, red is just not my colour. I prefer yellow clothes.


-  OK. So why don’t you try on this yellow sweater?


-  That one is perfect. And I like that jacket too.


-  OK. Take everything that you need, Pin!


-  OK. Thank you very much!

When Pin and Shine pay the money to the shop assistant, Pin gives three bags with plenty of clothes to his family. Pin’s mum opens the first bag, where there are four raincoats, four hats, four umbrellas and four pairs of gloves.

-  Thanks! Now, we should wear these warm clothes in winter!

Then, Pin’s dad opens the second bag and he can see: four pairs of trainers, four tracksuits, four watches and four light jackets.

-  Wow, now we can play sports! Thank you very much!

Finally, Pin’s sister opens the third bag with some nappies, tissues and a couple of toys to play with.

-  I love it! Thanks!

Pin’s family is really happy. They can’t believe their eyes.


Suddenly, Pin wakes up and he feels relieved when he discovers that it is only a dream. It is a stormy day, so he goes to the shopping centre next to his house to buy a new umbrella. Suddenly, he finds a young girl next to the shop. She looks sad, so Pin speaks with her:

-  Hi, my name is Pin. How can help you?

-  Hello, my name is Patty. I am sad.

-  I am cold and I haven’t got any money to buy some clothes.

Pin feels that he should help that poor child. He looks into his pocket and he finds 15 pounds, so he decides to tighten his belt to buy a cheap umbrella for his dad and he spends the rest of the money on some clothes for the girl.

-  Come on, Patty. Why don’t you come home to have lunch?

-  Sure, thank you very much. You are a really nice person!

-  No worries, I like sharing what I have with people in need.

While Pin is coming back home, he smiles and feels proud of his generosity. He discovers the importance of empathy in life. From that day on, Pin always puts in everyone’s shoes and he tries to help as many people in need as he can.




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