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Unit 6: Pin and his friends

Pin is a blue little monster and he is 10 years old. Pin’s birthday is soon and he wants to celebrate a party with his friends Pan, Chip, Sun, Cat and Lyn.

-  Hiya, Pan! How do you do?

-  Hi! I am fine, thanks.

-  Well, you know that my birthday is on the 20th of December, so I want to think of an interesting place to celebrate my birthday party.

-  Oh, OK. Who do you want to invite to your party?

-  I want Chip, Sun, Cat, Lyn and you to come. The problem is that we are very different, so I am not sure if they like my ideas.

-  Well, anyway. What have you thought of?

-  OK. Let me tell you. I want to spend one weekend far away from Valencia. I want to disconnect from the city and have a relaxing time with you.

-  That sounds good!

-  Yes, it does. Well, let me go on, please. I want to spend one day playing different sports.

-  Oh, which ones? Air sports, land sports or water sports?

-I prefer water sports, like surfing and swimming. I love sailing too.

-  Yes, me too! But I am afraid Cat is not keen on those water sports! Ha ha ha

-  I know, it is a pitty. This is why we may play tennis and volleyball, because Lyn and Cat are quite good at both sports.

-  But what about Chip? He can’t play tennis nor volleyball.

-  Yes, I know…  He prefers playing videogames. He plays videogames three times per week, so I can bring my Play Station to play altogether. What do you think?

-  Um, yes, that may work. May I suggest something?

-  Sure, go on, please!

-  We could go to a concert at night. ACDC is in Barcelona that night at 9 o’clock.

-  Oh my god! I can’t believe my eyes! I listen to ACDC every morning!

-  Yes, I promise! And we can sleep in a camping, which is 5 minutes away on foot.

-  That is great! Let’s tell our ideas to our friends!


Pin and Pan talk to their friends. They like their ideas, but Sun feels really disappointed, because her friends don’t have any plan for her.

-  OK. Don’t worry. What are you good at, Sun?

-  Um, I can play the guitar, but I don’t like concerts and I can play volleyball but I prefer painting. In my opinion, painting is more entertaining than doing exercise.

-   I love painting! – Pin says – My mum and I paint every Saturday at my uncle’s cottage.

-  That is great! So we can do it!

 The next week, everything is ready for Chip’s party. Chip is excited! That day, in the morning, the six friends travel to Barcelona by bus. During the journey, they discover that they are in the wrong bus. This bus destiny is Tarragona!

-  Oh, my god!  What can we do now?

-  Relax, Pin! This is not our bus, but we can find a solution.

-  OK. Cat, you are good at solving problems. Can you help us, please?

-  Of course. In my opinion, Tarragona is a very nice city. It is less popular than Barcelona, but we can have a good time there too!

-  Yes, that is right. Maybe, we can stay in Tarragona today and take a bus to Barcelona tonight. What do you think, guys?

-  Well, I believe that the place is not the most important thing. I thing that being together is what really matters. Do you agree?

-  Yes, we do!


After this scary moment, the six monsters feel better. When they arrive in Tarragona, they start their new adventure and they can do all the plans that they have in mind, except for the concert. However, while they are going for a walk, they meet someone.

-  What a surprise! Look, Pin, that is Brian Johnson! The singer of ACDC! – Lyn says.

-  Oh, my god! I can’t believe my eyes!


Pin and Lyn run next to Brian and they tell him their problem about the bus:

-  Hello, Brian! I am your biggest fan! It is my birthday today and we can’t go to your concert in Barcelona because we are in Tarragona by accident…

-  Oh, dear! Can you come to London for New Year’s Eve? I have a concert that day.

-  Oh, that is great! But we don’t have money for that.

-  I have an idea, Pin. We can use the money from the six tickets of the concert in Barcelona to buy two tickets for the concert in London for you and your mum!

-  Wow, that idea is brilliant! Thank you very much, Lyn!

-  Yes, it is. You have very nice friends, Pin! Take care of them! See you soon in London!

-  OK. Brian thank you very much. See you!


Pin and his friends live special moments together in Tarragona. When the weekend finishes, Pin is really happy. He can’t wait to go to the concert in December. He learns that we have to be generous and grateful with our friends.




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