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Unit 5: Pin finds a new job

Pin is a blue little monster and he is 11 years old. He has got a lot of friends at school: Sam, Cheek, Lyn...

One night of winter, Pin has a dream while he is sleeping. He is 22 years old and he wants to apply for a job, so he starts to look for job posts in the newspaper and  he sends emails to different businesses.


One day, he receives a call. He has to attend an interview to work as an actor and to participate in a film with Brad Pitt. The next week, he goes to the interview and he speaks quite nervously with the secretary of his future possible boss:

-  Hiya! My name is Pin.

Pin tries to kiss the secretary, but she just has a handshake. 

-  Oh, dear. I am sorry. It is is rude to kiss someone I do not know.

-  Yes, it is, Mr... What is  your surname?

-  Oh, I am sorry. Point, I am Pin Point.

-  OK, Mr. Point. You should say 'Hiya' to your friends, but not in an office. 

-  I am really sorry. Could you tell me where I can find Mr. Robinson, please?

-  Much better now, Mr. Point. Of course, Mr. Robinson is on the second floor. 

-  OK. Thank you very much. Have a nice day.

-  You're welcome. Good luck. 


Pin knocks on the door of Mr. Robinson's office.

-  May I come in?

-  Good morning! Of course, have a seat, please!

-  Good morning, my name is Pin Point. I am so glad to meet you, Sir. I come to have an interview with you.

-  Oh, that's right, Please, can you tell me why are you interested in changing positions? 

-  Well, I do not like my last job. I do not work as a teacher anymore. I have worked as a nurse, as a hairdresser, as a teacher and as a painter, but now I would like to discover the world of cinema. Indeed, my dream is to become an actor. 

-  OK. Can you tell me something about yourself?

-  Of course. I am 22 years old, I like reading and I love going to the cinema.

-  Alright. Pin, why do you think that we should hire you?

-  Well, I think that I am a perfect fit for this job because I am a responsible person. 

-  Brilliant. What are your strengths for this job?

-  Um, let me think. I think that I am hard-working, enthusiastic, efficient and innovative. Moreover, I like working in team and I am a very creative person and this is very important to work as an actor.

-  OK. And how many languages can you speak?

-  I can speak several languages. I have a native level of Spanish, I have a good level of English and I can speak a bit of French too. 

-  Oh, that's great! 

-  What about your weaknesses?

-  Sorry, I am afraid I don’t understand the question.

-  OK. What do you think you are not good at?

-  Um, I normally feel nervous when I cannot do something perfectly, but I am persistent and I usually work hard to achieve my objectives.

-  That’s great! Hard work is key in this job! Ok, how much avaliable time do you have?

-  Well, I am interested in a part-time position.

-  Ok. And the last question, what salary do you expect to earn?

-  Sorry, would you mind repeating the question?

-  Sure. How much do you expect to earn every month?

-  Well, I hope to have a salary which is in line with my qualifications. 

-  Ok, that’s all. We stay in contact to let you know our decision. Good luck!

-  Alright. Thank you for taking the time to interview me, Mr. Robinson. See you!

-  No worries. See you soon!


Four days later, Pin answers his phone: 

-  Hello?

-  Good morning. Am I talking to Mr. Point?

-  Yes, you are. Who talks?

-  I am calling on behalf of Mr.Robinson. You have got the job position, congratulations.

-  Oh, really? Thank you very much!

-  You should come tomorrow to the office to have a meeting with Mr. Robinson. Is it 12 am ok for you?

-  Um, let me see. Yes, it is. See you tomorrow at 12 am! 

-  Ok, Mr. Point. See you toomorrow then!

Suddenly, Pin wakes up and he realises that everything is a dream. He feels sad because he really wants to become an actor. However, Pin learns a lesson: English connects people from different countries and he learns that thanks to his effort, his dream to become an actor can come true, so he decides work hard to become an actor in the future




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