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Unit 4: Pin feels loved

Pin is a blue little monster. He is 10 years old and he is from Spain. He has got a lot of friends at school: Sam, Cheek, Lyn...

One day of winter, Pin is reading an English book at home. Unfortunately, he can’t understand what he reads and he starts to cry. Suddenly, Pin's mum arrives:

-  Oh, dear! What is wrong?

-  I don’t understand this English book... My English is awful… Can you help me, please?

-  Sure! Come on, cheer up! I have an idea.

Pin and his mum have a long conversation and after that, Pin is happy. Pin decides to travel to London to improve his English.


The next week, Pin starts his new adventure. When he arrives to the hotel, he feels quite lonely, so he decides to walk around the city. He sees families who are decorating their houses for Christmas. There are Christmas trees, snow mans, and ornaments everywhere he goes. He feels really lonely, so he decides to ring the bell of one house. A sweet woman opens the door:

-  Hello, honey. How can I help you?

-  Um, this is my first day in London. My hotel is near here, but I feel really lonely. 

-  Oh, I can see what you mean. Come in. I will prepare a cup of tea for you. 

-  Really? Thank you very much. My name is Pin.

-My name is Rose.

Pin enters the house. It is a beautiful house. He can’t believe his eyes:

-  Rose, this is the most beautiful house in the world! 

-  Thank you very much. It is my grandmother's house. Let me introduce you to my family!

They go to the living room, where a man is watching TV and a girl is playing the piano. 

-  This is my husband Hook and this is my child Cheek. Guys, this is Pin. He is our guest tonight.

-  Hello, nice to meet you. My name is Pin.

-  Hi, Pin. Please, feel at home and help yourself - Hook says while pointing at the teapot, which is on a little wooden table. 


Ten minutes later, after having a relaxing chat with Rose's family, Rose says to Pin:

-  Pin, do you want to leave that hotel and stay with us during some weeks?

-  Mmm. I am not sure. It sounds great, but my mum always tells me not to trust strangers...

-  OK. Don't worry. I can call your mum. Can you give me her phone number, please?

-  Of  course. Her phone number is +34689745891.  


After talking to Pin's mum, Rose invites Pin to have dinner with her and her family.  

-  Pin, do you want to have some dinner? I have prepared Sunday roast.

-  Pardon? What is that? I have never heard about Sunday roast. 

-   It is a typical English meal. In my familiy, we eat Sunday roast for lunch after church every Sunday. It is made of roast beef, roast potatoes, Yorkshire pudding, some vegetables and gravy, which is a sauce. 

-  Mmm, that sounds delicious. I am starving! Let’s have dinner!


During the dinner, they have a conversation about their families:

-  Pin, who do you live with?

-  I live with my parents and my sister. My sister is younger than me. She is 7 years old and she loves playing the piano. 

-  What a coincidence! I also have a sister who is younger than me and she is really good at piano. But she is 47 years old! Ha ha ha ha By the way, do you know that Hook has got 8 brothers and 5 sisters?

-  Really? Wow. And do you look like them?

-  Well, one of my siblings is my twin brother, so he looks exactly like me!

-  And what about the rest of your siblings? Do they look like your parents?

-  My sisters look like my dad and my brothers look like my mum. In fact, one of my sisters looks exactly like my dad. The only difference is that my dad is bold and my sister's hair is really long. Ha ha ha

-  Hahahaha And what about your family, Rose?

-  My family is smaller than Hook's family. Let me show you some pictures. Look, this is my mum. Her name is Antonella. She is from Italy and her green eyes are really nice.

-  I can see. She is very pretty. And who is this man? Is he your dad?

-  No, he isn’t. I have a single-parent family. He is my brother. His name is Brad and he is 40 years old. He is a very polite man, he is really funny and his mouth is very big.

-  And what about the rest of your family?

-  Look, this is my uncle, he is the most intelligent person in our family and he works as a soldier. This is my cousin Sarah and she is an only child and this is my aunt and she loves cooking. By the way, in my opinion, she is the best chef of paella! 

-  Wow, a Valencian dish! I love paella! Well, I see that your family is very nice. 

-  Yes, it is. We have a family lunch next Sunday at 12 o'clock. Here in England, we normally have breakfast at 7 o'clock, we have lunch at 12 o'clock and we have dinner at 6 o'clock, approximately.

-  Wow, English timetable is very different from Spanish timetable. I normally have breakfast at 8 o'clock, I have lunch at 2 o'clock and I have dinner at 9 o'clock.

-  I see, now you know something new about English culture! Do you want to join us?

-  Sure. Thanks for the invitation! 

After that day, Pin spends four weeks with Swan's family. He feels at home and he discovers new places in London, like the Big Ben and he goes to an English school, where he improves his English very much.

When his stay in London finishes, he feels sad to say goodbye to his English family and he learns that we should help other people in need and that we should always be grateful for our families' support and for their unconditional love



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