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Unit 2: Pin arrives on time

Pin is a blue little monster. He is 10 years old and he is from Spain. He has got a lot of friends at school: Sam, Cheek, Lyn...

One night of autumn, Pin is at home and he feels really excited to have a meeting with the headteacher of his school. He wants to become the new helper of the school librarian, so he speaks with his mum:

-  Come on, Pin. It is ten o´clock. Please, prepare your clothes for tomorrow and go to sleep now. What time is the interview of tomorrow?

-  Sure, mum, you are right. The meeting is at nine o'clock. Good night!

-  OK. Sweet dreams!


The next day, Pin wakes up and he looks at his watch. It is twenty to nine:

-  Oh, my god! The alarm clock does not work. I need to get ready quickly! Time flies!

Pin's mum enters Pin's bedroom:

-  Pin, you are late!

-  I know, mum. The alarm clock does not work. Please, can you help me?

-  OK. But hurry up!                                                             

Pin's mum helps her son. She goes to the kitchen to prepare some breakfast.


At quarter to nine, Pin gets dressed; at ten to nine, he has breakfast with his mum; at nine o'clock, he brushes his teeth; at five past nine, Pin's mum gives a lift to Pin to the school and at quarter past nine, he arrives at school. Pin's mum says to Pin:

-  Pin, don't forget to say sorry for being late! Remember that English people are very punctual.

-  OK. Thanks for the advice and for your help, mum. Bye!

-  Good luck, son. See you later.


 Pin runs to the school hall and he talks to the secretary:

-  Hiya! My name is Pin.

Pin tries to kiss the secretary, but she just has a handshake. 

-  Oh, dear. I am sorry. I never kiss someone I do not know.

-  Yes, it is rude, Mr... What is  your surname?

-  Oh. I am sorry. Point, I am Pin Point. 

-  OK, Mr. Point. You should say 'Hiya' to your friends, but not at school. 

-  I am sorry. Can you tell me where I can find the headteacher, please?

-  Much better now, Mr. Point. Of course, Mr. Clock is on the second floor. 

-  OK. Thank you very much. Can you tell me what time is it?

-  Sure, it is half past nine.

-  Oh, no! Time flies. Thanks, see you!

-  Good morning, Mr. Clock. I am really sorry for being late.

-  Good morning, Pin Point. Why do say that you are late? You are not!

-  Excuse me? I am late. My alarm clock does not work. The meeting is at 9 o'clock and it is twenty five to ten now...

-  Ha ha ha Sorry for laughing, but the meeting is not today. It is tomorrow at 9 o'clock, so don’t worry, you are not late!

-  Wow! Indeed, I am on time! Ha ha ha

-  Yes, you are! Ha ha ha 

-  OK, Mr. Clock, sorry for the mistake and see you tomorrow then!

-  Don't worry, but remember to buy a new alarm clock! See you tomorrow!


The next day, Pin arrives at the meeting with the headmaster.

-  Hello, Mr. Clock. Today, I am on time. It is five to nine.

-  Yes, you are. Well, I need to ask you several questions about your daily routine to check if you can be a good helper.

-  OK. I am ready.

-  Let’s start. As you know, librarian’s helpers like reading. How often do you read, Pin?

-  Oh! I love reading. I read every day before going to sleep.

-  OK. As you know, a library is a tidy place, so how often do you tidy up your bedroom?

-  Well, let me think. I make my bed everyday before going to school and I tidy up my bedroom four times per week after having dinner at eight o’clock, approximately.

-  OK. The last question is: are you always on time when you have an appointment?

-  Um, well, I try to be punctual. Indeed, I am hardly ever late, but my head is sometimes in the clouds, so unfortunately, I am late from time to time.

-  Well, you should improve in that, Pin, but I can see that you are a responsible boy, so I think I can trust you. Congratulations, you are the new helper of the school librarian!

-  Wow, thank you very much, Mr. Clock. I promise to be as punctual as a clock, like your surname! Ha ha ha ha

-  OK, Pin! Ha ha ha ha


Pin works hard during the year in the library and he becomes a really good helper. With this experience, Pin learns that punctuality is essential.





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