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Styria - The Green Heart of Austria


The Green Heart is a famous symbol for only one of the 9 Austrian states. You are an ambassador of The Green Heart presenting your region to pupils from other Austrian states and countries. In this webquest you and your partners will present the Green Heart with the help of Information Literacy.



This webquest will lead you through the tasks how to produce a presentation concerning The Green Heart in this topic. You should go through all task levels by scrolling down. If you need more information click on the links at the top.

  1. Information Literacy for obtaining information about the topic
  2. Discussing, arguing, working together in groups
  3. Using webtools for presenting wordclouds and videos
  4. Analyzing the meaning of the color, symbol and message of brand
  5. Evaluating videos and working on your own and in groups
  6. Presenting “The Green Heart” to foreigns and visitors with using technical devices




First you should be assigned a team of 2 to 3 people. Keep in mind, that each group should be equal. Each team has to work with one iPad..

Look  at the picture and discuss with your partners about The Green Heart. Try to answer the following questions:.



Note/ Write down your findings in keywords, go to, make a heart with the help of your keywords. The color of the font should be green. You can choose any type of font you’d like to.
Print it and stick it into your notebook.
Also save the picture on your iPad. You will need it later.



Find information and pictures about Styria concerning the following topics.
Find out why they are important for The Green Heart.:

Use the following ressources:

Collect your results using the keynote template which has to be edited in your group. Therefore you should follow the list bellow:

  1. Use your keynote template to work on your presentation. Each page has to include the picture concerning the title. Use the patcha kutcha method.
  2. Inform yourself about the methode and how to use it:
    The method should be limited to 5 pictures and 20 sec. recording each. This  means your video will last about 100 seconds.
  3. Work with imovie, ipad and internet. Keep in mind, not using protected pictures.


Presentation and Discussion

Reflect on how you felt working in your group. Did everyone has the same amount of work? Has anyone worked too much or too less? How did you feel with speaking English? Did you mix up languages? Did you speak German?

Discuss about each video presentation about:




Follow ups



The students get to know the meaning of color and shape of the brand “The green Heart”. They learn that it is a symbol, which is important for every Styrian as a part of their cultural heritage.
They get to work in a team, practice research with the use of ICT in the classroom. They can reflect on cultural habits and traditions summarizing this information in a virtual presentation. This will be used as an evaluation for their team work and can be published for others, who haven’t participated in the working project.

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