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Interview: MCP Sarah Macinnes

I was in the Children’s Parliament from the beginning, which was three years ago. Um, we would meet once a month in different locations around the islands. Maybe one week we’d be in Eriskay and the next week we could be in Carinish, and we would be doing things like art and music, and we would discuss things like what we like doing, what we don’t like doing, teachers, schoolwork, things like that.

Um, every now and again, some – they would pick a couple of people to go on trips. Um, the last time I went away we were in Fife and we were doing a mural about the environment. And, um, we were sleeping in tents, like wigwams. They were cool.

Um, the thing I liked best was meeting new people from all around the islands, and doing artwork and music. Um, we were doing podcasts with Alex from Young Scot, and one of the things I did was I did a poem about the Western Isles with a partner.

The Western Isles: a special place to be
Full of treasure, people, land and sea
A landscape of waves, windmills and waving grass
Where crowds of people head off to mass

Where people are kind and generous
Who think splashing dogs are cute
With seagulls flying
And sandpipers scoot

Today the waves were lapping
Gently on the shore
Other times they are crashing
And will for ever more

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