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8 form 

Ex. 4a, p.171

Read the Internet forum. What music styles are they really into? What styles aren’t very popular?

Tsunami: My favourite music style is techno, I know lots of people think it’s stupid but I think it’s
awesome. It’s my favourite music right now and I listen to it all the time. When I go to bed, I listen to techno
because it relaxes me and makes me fall asleep faster. I looove techno!

Justin: I’m fond of hard rock and heavy metal music. My favourite bands are Metallica and Nirvana.When I listen to their music at full
volume, it fills me with energy! But when I work atthe computer, I need some slower and softer music in the background. I usually listen to hip-hop then.

Nova: I’m really into rap and hip hop, but I also listen to all kinds of music. What I look for in a song is lyrics and rhythm. Some songs are so touching
that I listen to them over and over.

Mich: I grew up in the country, in my dad’s family who listened to NOTHING BUT country music; but I didn’t get into it as much as my brothers. I like any music that sounds good to my ears – techno, pop, R&B and others.

Josh: I can’t get into rap! I think the lyrics of most rap songs are very rude and they sound so angry and hateful! Why do people listen to rap?

Click: I can’t stand heavy metal. It’s awful! The melody is hidden behind men screaming and acting like crazy4 frogs. Guitar solos can be good but you can’t hear them. Most of the time their music sounds like a clash of noise to me.


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