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Учебное пособие для 8 класса

Once upon a time on the north coast of Ireland, there lived a gentle giant called Finn
McCool with his wife Oonagh. At fifty two feet six inches, which is more than 17 metres,
he was a small giant. But across the sea in Scotland there lived a giant called Benandonner,
who used to shout that he was stronger and could easily beat Finn McCool if there was no
sea between them.
So Finn decided to build a causeway (a bridge) out of huge stones across the water, as
no boat at their time was large enough to hold a giant. But the work was so hard and Finn
was so tired that he fell asleep without waiting for the Scottish giant.
Oonagh, Finn's wife, woke up early the next morning to find Finn sound asleep. Then
she heard the sound of huge footsteps and saw the strong Benandonner. He was truly
gigantic. She understood that Finn would not win the fight against this Scottish giant. And
she knew that fights aren’t always won on the basis of size and strength. Quick thinking
Oonagh covered the sleeping Finn with a dress and a hat.
"Where's Finn?" thundered Benandonner, "Where is he hiding?"
Oonagh pointed to the sleeping Finn. "Be quiet," she told Benandonner, "or you'll wake the
Benandonner panicked. If the child was that big, how much bigger might Finn be? He
did not stay to see. He quickly went back across the causeway, destroying it him so that
Finn McCool couldn’t follow him.
Believe it or not, but this amazing place is called the Giant’s Causeway. In 1986, the
Giant’s Causeway was named a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and a year later it became
a Natural Nature Reserve in Northern Ireland. Today it’s Northern Ireland’s most popular
tourist attraction.


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