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Sightseeing in Ciechanowiec


The Synagogue at Mostowa Street, near the market square, was built between the late 1970s and 1880s. The building, destroyed by the Germans during the Second World War, was transformed into a warehouse after the war and later into a shop and mill, which contributed to the further devastation of the facility. After 1989 renovation works were started to adapt the facility to the needs of the house of culture, but after a few years the work was stopped.

Museum of Agriculture


Museum of Agriculture im. Fr.. Krzysztof Kluka was founded in 1962 on the initiative of the Society of Ciechanowiec's Fans under the organizational direction of Dr. Paweł Olszewski and teacher Kazimierz Uszyński. The museum is located in a palace and park complex dating from the mid-19th century (formerly owned by the Starch family), rebuilt from wartime devastation in 1966-1969. The Museum has nine divisions: Ethnographic, Historical-Artistic, Rural Construction-Open-Skansen, Agricultural Engineering, History of Cultivation, History of Cattle and Livestock Breeding, Herb Traditions, Museum of Veterinary and Educational-Promotional.

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