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This is a Clilstore unit. You can link all words to dictionaries.

2-hour CLIL module: Getting know the family instruments

Introducing Getting know the family instruments

Students will know how we make the classification of instruments, understanding the characteristics and where can we find it on the orchestra. In addition, they will distinction and recognize the family of the instrument. The aims of the lesson are:

Here, the students will collaborate in groups of 3 or 4. Not only they will have to do activities together, moreover they will make instruments by recycling of materials.

On the other hand, they need cognitive tools as listening, selecting, creativity, interpreting and Analysing. Besides they attention will be basic in all activities.

With regard to vocabulary, children will learn the name of the instruments, family instruments and the profession (instrumentalist), words important for describing like couple, single, pairs... On the other hand, adjectives like together, alone, loud and sharp sound, wood, metal will been remind. In addition, verbs like to listen, to heard, to sit, to play, are very important in the lesson. Finally, the basic structures like superlative/comparative, present simple, singular/plural will be remind too.

Vocabulary:  orchestra, conductor, baton,  strings family, viola, cello, harp, violin, brass family, trombone , tuba, trumpet, flute, woodwing family, oboe, clarinet, saxophone, percussion family, xylophone, drum, tube, holes, valves, loud, quietly, 

Expressions: at the front, behind, towards the back of the, to hit

For example: 

At the...

He plays a

She is a

I have heard

This instrument are … more than

It is made

We, as a teacher, will provide support because we are the guide. We have to be attend and provide them input for making fell motivated.

Finally, the material we will need for doing our lessons are: computer, projector, wifi/Ethernet internet, office material (pencils, paper, eraser…), recycling materials (tetrabrik, bottles…).

Let's going to work.


Lesson 1   (60´)

1. The Orchestra. 10´

You are going to watch a video in which an orchestra is playing a symphony.
Look at the instruments and listen to the music. It is as if you are attending a concert.

When you are at a classical music concert you can watch and listen the musicians.

You can see how the musicians hold their instruments and how they play them.

You can observe if they use a bow or stick to play or just use their hands or their mouth.

* Answer the question and discussion in pairs. (10')

B) Check what you know about the orchestra by answering true or false. After, one of your group will go to other groups for comparing the answers. 5´

Answer the next questions. Good luck :) Questions        If you have problems, copy this url: 

C) Watch next video (4':33''). 15´

In groups... ¿What do you think about this concert?  ¿Could be a typewriter an instrument of a orchestra? Three, two, one... WORK

4) Flash Activity intro  about characteristics from the instruments and their sounds.   (15')    If you have problems, copy this url: 


LESSON 2 Please, visit the Clilstore unit lesson 2

Lesson 3  (60')  

A) Instruments from other countries. (15´)

Are you a expert from the orchestras?  Now you are going to listen differents types of music. You have to order each song, after you will speak in groups about the instruments, rythem and wich country you could find out. Please, working in pairs and discussing about the questions from the cards: 

  if you have problems, copy this url: 

- Write he number.

- Wich country could be?

- Wich instruments do you listen?

- Write the rythem 

The map is here  if you have problems, copy this link: 


B) Art activity. 15´Now you are going to classificate the instruments. Please, firstly you have tu cut and paste each instrument in the family what belong. After you will write their name.if you have problems, copy this url: 



C) Musical memoy (10´)

Finally, now we are going to play in pairs to the musical memory. Please, write your score. if you have problems, copy this url: 


D) Research Activity (20´in classe and finishing at home)

Now we can say that you are an experts from family instruments. Please, select one family and investigate more. You have to design a Padlet from the family. Please, click here to start a Padlet. 

You can find out information in:


Lesson 4  (60') 

Now is your turn. In 3-4 groups, you are going to creat an instrument. How? Watch and choose one of the instruments of the video. After you'll explain how you have done. Good luck guys. (10' + activity 50'

 Lesson 5  (60') 

Previosly you show your work, we are going to answer some questions.   (5')

 Now you are going to show your virtual posters and recycle instruments. Good luck!!   (55')



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