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Food pyramid

Topic: Food

- What happened Jimmy?

- Papa doesn't want me to eat pizza!

- But you ate pizza in lunch! Why you want it again?

- Because I love pizza!

- Oh even I love pizza, but we need to eat all kinds of food.

- Why can't I eat pizza always?

-Okay, tell me how many kinds of food you know?

- Fruits, vegetables, bread. Oh there are many!

- Do you know why we eat food?

- Yes! To get energy to work and play, otherwise I feel tired and hungry.

- Yes, you're right. We also need food to grow. Let me tell you about different kinds of food. We can divide food in five types.

-I can see bread in first one.

- Yeah. These are made of cereals, these are called carbohydrates.

- In second, it is butter.

- Yes, these are fats.

- Now comes fish and milk, these contain proteins.

- Here are fruits; mummy always wants me to eat these.

-Yes, these are vitamins and minerals.

- Oh there is water also.

- Now let us understand what these different foods do. Like car needs petrol to run, our body also needs energy to work. This energy comes from carbohydrates. They also give us instant energy.

- Carbohydrates energy giving foods.

- Let us now move to fats. Fats also give energy but they give energy very slowly. Body keeps them stored and if you don't get carbohydrates on time, body uses them, like mama keep some extra chocolates away at home. Body also keeps some extra energy in store.

- Oh.

- Fats: store of energy and body low energy.

-But if you don't use this stored energy you can become very fat so you should eat less of these.

-So my friend John is fat because he keeps eating and does not play.

- Yes, you're right.

- Now proteins, how they help. Here are proteins. These help you to grow. You know? Body keeps building new cells, these proteins help to build and repair cells.

- Proteins are you building and repairing.

- Let me show you more.

- Why this person looks sick?

- There are few nutrients which keep our body healthy and they fight diseases, these are called vitamins and minerals.

- Vitamins and minerals keep body heavy. They fight diseases.

- Now most important part of body.

- This is water

- Yeah this is very important. You know? Half of our rate is water in our body.

- Oh I'm of 30 kg. That means less 15 kgs of water in my body.

- Yes, it helps to keep our body clean and helps in digesting our food.

- Water keeps our body clean and help in digestion.


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