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How the Greek gods were supposed to be

 What are we going to learn?

Physical description: face shape, skin and complexion, eyes, mouth and lips, hair, etc.
Psychological description: attitude, feelings, etc. Charactheristical accessories (such as clothes and objects).

 Probably you do not know enough vocabulary for the descriptions, so you should go to the links of vocabulary below and do the exercises (pyshical appearance and personality). 

 Before starting the descriptions, look for some information about the Olympian gods in the Encyclopedia of Mythology.

How much do you know about the Olympians?

Please complete the Greek Gods Test and the Greek Goddesses Crossword.

 After completing these activities, we will start to write a description of the character you like the most. 

Clilstore Olympian Gods VideoEncyclopedia of MythologyGreek Gods TestGreek Goddesses CrosswordPyshical appearance vocabularyPersonality vocabularyThe Olympian (more info)

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