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This is a Clilstore unit. You can link all words to dictionaries.


Welcome to 2D shapes.

In this unit we are going to learn:

  1. What is the meaning of 2D shapes
  2. To use mathematical names for common 2D shapes
  3. To identify 2D shapes and its properties
  4. To transfer the knowlegde and create shapes with their body and other materials
  5. To predict and compare results
  6. To present their own shapes creations

First of all we are going to see video 1:



After watching the video pupils ask questions about the video, and we will see the video again drawing in the blackboard each shape and the name. An after that we will comprove that on the video 2


At the last part of the class teacher will show a shape and pupils will said the name.

In the next class we are going to work with the shapes explained in the first lesson, for that we are going to play a game in groups of four.

First of all, the teacher will show a shape and 1 group will said the name, obtaining a score if the group said the correct answer, if not the next group will answer the question. After that the different groups will chose the shape, playing between them.

At the last part of the class each group will make their own shape, developing their imagination.


I'm going to evaluate the participation in class during the activities 10%

The collaboration with the group 10%

The use of the correct names( new vocabulary) 35%

The identification of different shapes 35%

The imagination creating new shapes 10%

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