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Basketball team Module

BASKETBALL TEAM (2-hour CLIL module)

Subject: Physical Education;  Language: English;  Level: 3rd E.S.O. 

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As a teacher, I give them a basic informational page to help them with specific words to express better and to include in some expressions.


In this module, I use the task assignment methodology and problem resolution methodology.


I use a control sheet during the session to evaluate the actions, decisions and comments of pupils. Moreover, in the final part, I use a rubric to evaluate pupils in their procedure and progression.


1st HOUR

To start the module, I use a short explanation about what pupils should do. Then I use a visual support to exemplify some situations which will take place in the next 2 hours.


This video shows the importance of communication in the game and in the any play.


To continue I deliver to students a basic informational page with the name of the main techniques and important expressions to use during the game.

Then the practice begin with some games to remark the main team plays to use in the game like “pass and cut”, “pick and roll”, etc. These games will be organized in groups of 3-4 students, furthermore, it will start with no opponents and then students will practise with them to complicate the task a little.

During the games, students can consult the page with vocabulary to use, in this way they are improving their L2 in basketball.

To end the first hour, students will apply everything learned in a little matches 3 vs 3.


2nd HOUR

At the half of the module, students rest and I ask them what techniques of basketball are the most important and why. They will answer me and I will write them on the board.

Then, I show them some videos of some important techniques and how applying them properly.


In this video, the students will be able to see the perfect position to defense any play explained by Michael Jordan. This basic position will also serve them for other sports.



In this another video, it explains the mechanics to do the free throw correctly. From this basic shoot, students will use their knowledge to apply it to other shoots like a three-point shot.


Now, students choose a couple and I explain some activities to practise the different techniques. Moreover, these techniques will be applied in the next games they will play. During this hour, student can also see their basic informational page to remember the vocabulary and use it during the activities. I will say them that in the games, they should use the vocabulary, which identify any technique, after apply it.

To finish the module, I use the rubric, in the last 20 minutes more or less, to evaluate students in a final match 5 vs 5 on the whole basketball court. I will evaluate the use of team plays, the use of the different techniques in the correct way and in the correct moment, and finally, I also evaluate the use of the L2 expressions and words to identify any technique they do.

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